World Conspiracy Theory and My thoughts.

Terbaca satu blog yang mempunyai soalan2 tentang The Arrivals which dictate about World Conspiracy theories and etc. they are of the opinion that these theories are ridiculous and wasn’t worth your time believing and watching due to these certain reasons.

i) These movies of The Arrivals are like future-telling stuff of which we are not certain of whether will take place or not

ii) He, the writer of the blog, stated that he didn’t want to be inflicted by the misuse committed by these conspiracy theorists by quoting Al-Quran and by taking Al-Quran verses to support their theories.

iii) Some of the commentors said what’s the point of watching if the video itself evokes fear to arrival of Dajjal more rather than fear of The Lord Himself? Good point.

Well there are few certain reasons more of which sounded ridiculous yet I don’t bother much since It was something made up rather than mull-overs. So here goes. Let’s see it from the point of view of a muslim myself. I rather not say that The Arrivals are crap. Why? It’s not crap if much effort was taken to make up that research. If it was not because of The Arrivals, I wasn’t in any much interests in knowing about Dajjal before. Is it wrong for us to use something to boost our own fear and prepare for the fear itself? Let’s us see it not from the pessimists side. Maybe the conspiracy is yeah, merely conspiracy, but it’s not a setback for us to know and it doesn’t hurt to know and care. And yes it is craps when people came to telling that these certain events are taking place in the next 10 years, 3 weeks, 6 days, 40 days etc! Who are we to tell on the future? Besides, future-telling is axiomatically faulty on its basis. How could one tell if one doesn’t know? And pretty much as I checked by now, time-travelling is still a fantasy, so yeah. It is not responsible for those who didn’t watch it yet get to judge it. It’ is often impossible to judge a book only after one complete reading, what more from just its cover! Yes it wrong of us to entirely and whole-heartedly believe the every aspects of it blindly, but, it still wrong of us to get to judge before we watch it. It’s pretty much eye-opening rather that fear-suggesting. Of course we shall not fear anything more other than Him, but to be too brave against everything is also unlikely. We humans, are born and instilled with fear as fear itself is a defense mechanism for us to avoid dangers. Don’t lie if you have never, at all, have fear over something. Of course we all have! Well right now, Mount Merapi in Indonesia is about to erupt anytime soon (let’s pray for our brothers and sisters’ safety), if you were to be there at this moment, would you have fear for it? and flee as far as you could from that place so that the fear would go away? Sure. That’s what normal, rational people would do. And yes the fear of The Lord Himself is the utmost fear as I am a muslim. Blindly accusing those who put some thoughts over these videos as idiots, etc etc are not responsible either. If you choose not to believe, yes you can. But it doesn’t hurt to know a bit. If the stuck-up in your head got so stuck up in there that you will not want to know even a bit, yes you can, but you will not get to judge. I put my thoughts over those videos and I know something is happening out there. If it’s not, Palestine will now be free. In Quran, how many verses saying that The Jews are the misguided? Here are few examples of verses in Al-Quran regarding Jew’s (Bani Israil).

i) ”You know and have known already those among you who had broken the sanctity of The Sabbath, and to whom we had said “Become (like) apes despised,” Al-Baqarah 2:65

ii) “Cursed were the disbelievers among the children of Israel by David and Jesus, son of Mary, because they rebelled and transgressed the bounds.” Al-Maidah 5:78

Herewith is the link of which you can read more about Jews in Quran. Sorry the article is in Indonesian.

Just a point to ponder. Wallahualam.

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This serves as just a place to jot things down. Yes, no matter how the world always go against what we say, there’s always place for us to write and voice things out. No matter how myriad of hindrances and ordeals await, just remember at times, we are not alone. Well it is too obvious that the world is insane and complicated, but remember there will always be way outs. Living in a place where not much options and choices offered, one sometimes often wonders how could he spend and manage his time wisely.

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